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Aura Hotel Barú is a small hotel on the beautiful island of Barú in Cholón, 45 minutes by boat from the city of Cartagena and 20 minutes from the Rosario Islands. Barú is one of the most exotic tourist attractions in Colombia, known for its dazzling Caribbean landscapes that, thanks to our hotel, are at your fingertips.

The hotel has 16 rooms and two beach areas furnished with sun beds where you can enjoy delicious tropical cocktails and Caribbean cuisine. You can also practice water sports and enjoy a variety of activities in the surrounding area.


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Upon arrival to Cholón, a cove framed by beautiful mangroves and quiet beaches, you will immediately experience the charm of Aura Hotel Barú, the new face of Hotel Sport Barú.

Aura is magic, tropics, island, fun, and relaxation. Aura’s staff envelop their guests in Caribbean warmth by providing personalized service.

This tropical refuge was the dream of an Italian who emigrated and made fabulous Colombia—her adoptive country—her home. After discovering this spot on the island of Barú 30 years ago, she dedicated herself with love and passion to making it a place that would allow many travelers to stay in comfort, practice water sports, and get to know the area.

With the passing of the years and a family generation, Aura Hotel Barú has today become a destination chosen by those seeking privacy and peace of mind in a personalized environment, staffed by the wonderful people of Barú that here have found a place of learning and training as well as a family to count on.



Beautiful tropical island with indigenous settlements

Barú is a beautiful island with a tropical climate that is 37 km long, an extension of 7,000 hectares and includes 3 towns called: Ararca, Santa Ana and just at the end, the picturesque town of Barú.
The northern area of ??Barú is part of the Corales del Rosario National Natural Park and its coasts alternate between sandy and rocky coasts and mangrove areas, which play a (very) fundamental role in the marine ecosystem.
The island of Barú has indigenous settlements prior to the discovery of America and its name comes from Cacique Barú or Bahaire, chief of the organization of Caribbean indigenous settled on Carex Island, current Tierra bomba.
For other historians the term comes from the indigenous language and means crocodile (s) because of the geographic formation of the island seen from above.

At the time of the Spanish colony, Bocachica, Barú, Islas del Rosario and the San Bernardo archipelago formed a powerful commercial enclave, theater of fierce naval battles such as the famous Battle of Barú in 1708, in which the English Navy defeated the Spanish fleet, sinking two galleons supposedly loaded with gold and precious merchandise; legend that still exalts the imagination of those who contemplate the sunset sea, imagining the Galleon San José shipwrecked in the vicinity of Barú with its precious cargo and that has not yet been rescued.


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